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170 pages

- Have a Vegan Fling with Singapore -

Vegan and raw food travel guide to this exciting city

- Felix Price-
Interview with this inspirational yogi, artist, spiritual explorer and co founder of Urban Avatars

- G'day Vegan Sydney-
Vegan and raw food travel guide to Sydney, Australia, including maps and vegan walks
plus recipes from Pana Chocolate

- BonPom Hygge Time -
BonPom get all cosy (Hygge) and share some of their recipes for that warm fuzzy feeling

- Drinking Amazke with Clearspring -
An article all about one of the worlds most ethical and popular health food brands

- Chating with the King-
In depth interview with King - founder of CookDaily restaurant

- Chakabars -
Interview and photoshoot with Chakabars (founder of Spartanfam) - his most in depth interview to date

- HeART -
Artwork with heart

- Are you part of the TRYBE?-
Interview with the founders of a new food app set to take the world by storm

- Viridian -
On why you should visit your local health food store and what to look for in a supplement

- Ubud, Bali -
A vegan and raw food guide to one of the world's most buzzing vegan hotspots

- Recipes -
From Nama, Harriet Emily, Evergreen Organics, Wanderlust Ruby, Made in Hackney, Feed the Soul and Nana Nice cream

- Food For Thought -
Article about this UK independent health food stores brand on the forefront of the industry


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170 pages,
Visionary art from the biggest and best artists
Recipes from the worlds best vegan/raw chefs & restaurants
Insightful graphic articles

- The Zero Point by Simon Welsh -

- Take a bite out of vegan New York -
A vegan and raw food travel guide to New York
including maps for vegan walks!

- New York recipes -
recipes from Candle 79, Candle Cafe and Quintessence

- Cats, Dogs, Cogs & Gods -
A unique spiritual perspective on cats and dogs

- Inside the Vienna Academy of Visionary Art -
Artwork and quotes from Kuba Ambrose, Daniel Mirante, Ernst Fuchs, Laurence Caruana, Amanda Sage, Vera Atlantia,
Autumn Skye Morrison, A. Andrew Gonzalez, Olga Klimova, David Heskin, Timea Tallian, Emma Watkinson and Aloria Weaver

- Is there life on Mars? -
Past life regression stories from Mars and other planets

- Kirlian Photography -
Unique images showing the electrical coronal discharge of living things.
Taken by Natasha Piris especially for Lúcuma.

- The BonPom Healthy Chocolate Factory -
Raw vegan versions of classic chocolate bar favourites

- Rediscovering Misunderstood Powerplants -
Learn the truth about coffee,cacao, coca, hemp, tobacco and alcohol.

- Destination Vegan: Excalibur -
A new luxurious vegan restaurant in Glastonbury

- Sweetly Simple -
A vegan food & juice truck
dedicated to making the world a healthier place

- Cacao Ceremony: Through the Glasshouse -

- Art Candy -
The art of Candy Alderson and interview

- Recipes -
from the best vegan chefs and restaurants


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Vegan Vienna – A vegan & raw food guide to Vienna

Cacao Ceremony – Discover the incredible shamanic side to Chocolate!

Mirabai Devi (Spiritual teacher, lightworker and author) – Interview

Proof Beyond – Photographs of the Spiritual Realm by photographer Paris Ackrill

Namaste Nama – 3 classic recipes from one of the worlds best raw food restaurants plus an insightful biography of their origins and development.

BonPom: Let’s Create Amazing Things! – Getting to know one of the best raw food brands, plus they share some of their easy and delicious recipes.

Kirlian Photography – Unique images showing the electrical coronal discharge of living things. Taken by Natasha Piris especially for Lúcuma.

What’s in your Kitchen? – Find out what Wild Food Cafe founders – Joel & Aiste Gazdar have in their kitchen and eat at home!

Viridian – Company history of this award wining ethical brand and also what to look for in a supplement.

My Passion For Passion Flowers – Mystical revelations from this incredible plant.

Aquavibe the return – Spiritual roller-coaster ride technology that is straight out of a sci-fi movie!

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